Chasing Natives the Film

Chasing NAtive Hoo V_1.jpg

A Fly Fishing Film




Bearded and determined, two charismatic fly fishermen promote conservation by examining the diverse cultural, ecological and economical obstacles affecting native fish management around the globe.

Chasing Natives follows two friends and fly fishing addicts, Cameron Cushman and Marcos Mazzola, as they scour the world in search of opportunities to fly fish for exotic, threatened species in unfamiliar places as they promote efforts in fish conservation. During their journey they traverse continents, bath in culture shock, indulge in unfamiliar foods, move to local music, and find exotic fish, getting lost in the experience along the way.

The main theme of the show is conservation of fisheries. This message is told through the eyes of the two hosts as they embed themselves in local cultures, make new friends, and of course fly fishing for species they never thought they’d catch. Chasing Natives examines the conditions which have led to the demise and/or recovery of a fish species. These conditions could be a combination of economic, ecological and cultural factors, to name a few.

The film begins in film-makers home state of Montana where they briefly talk about their love of flyfishing and good fortune of being raised in a state which some may consider fly fishing mecca. At the beginning of the film we are also introduced to Cameron and Marcos who will take the viewers on a fly fishing voyage around the world they won’t forget. As the two main characters pursue locating these special fish species, they meet with local fisheries experts, be they biologists, fishing guides, local fisherman or village elders, and discuss the current state of their particular fishery. Not all the fisheries they encounter will be in dire straits, however. There are plenty of success stories to be told, such as the recovery of pure-strain Marble Trout in Slovenia. The epic comes full circle, concluding in Montana, looking at the management of Bull Trout and pure-strain Westslope Cutthroat Trout.